5 Tips To Organize Your Pockets Like A Gentleman

5 tips to organize your pockets like a gentleman1.Don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket - it may feel easier to access, however it’s also a sure way to get lower back pain or hip issues in the long run since it tilts the axis of your pelvis. Instead, reserve your back pockets for something soft and unnoticeable such as a handkerchief. 

2. Less is better – carry only the essentials and don’t pocket-hoard items that you most likely won’t use. Give your items a score between 1 to 10 of how likely you'd be using it for the day, anything that gets a score of 7 or less should stay at home. 

3. Get digital - digitize all your loyalty cards, membership cards and anything with a barcode using apps such as KeyRing (available for both iOS and Android). You'll dramatically reduce the load of your wallet. Digitize your receipts with a photo or store them in a box at home - you don't need them with you everywhere. 

4.Go minimal – get yourself a slim card holder to carry your essential cards (credit card, bank card, drivers license, etc): they are simple and keep a minimum profile for your pockets. If you live in a major city then chances are that almost everywhere you go will accept a visa or mastercardso you can simply fold one or two notes to carry as a backup or use a money clip if you like to carry and use cash instead of card.

5. Invest in a key organizer – they'll keep your keys neat and compact without noisily jingling everywhere, making a mess in your pockets and poking holes through your trousers. Most key organizers are also slim enough to fit into the coin pocket that most trousers and jeans have, freeing up plenty of valuable pocket estate.

key organizer by Liquid Co.

"Every accessory that a gentleman owns can complement his outfit and enhance his presentation - from his tie, belt, watch, wallet to even his glasses. The only accessory that men have been unable to stylishly complement their outfit are their keys -  they are always rattling away on an unappealing and cumbersome keyring", says Peter Mai, the CEO of Liquid Co.

"We set out to provide a solution to this problem by designing a key organizer that would not only look aesthetically pleasing and premium to the touch, but also be practical in neatly organizing a set of keys."

The Key Caddy (pictured right) is a Swiss Army style key organizer designed as an elegant accessory to complement a gentlemans attire and organize his keys in a compact design. It holds up to eight keys by default, however additional extension posts can be added to hold an unlimited amount of keys.

USB flash drives and a bottle opener are currently available as add on accessories for the Key Caddy and a comb, pen, and flashlight are in development for the near future.

6 statistics that prove key rings need an update

“Before we set out to develop a better solution for key organization, we conducted a survey on what men thought about their current key holders.

“1,005 gentlemen participated in our survey and it was quite funny and shocking at the same time to see that 5 out of 10 men had been poked in the balls or knew someone who had been poked in the balls by their keys at some point.”

The common problems that men face with key rings:

•     Jingling keys make it difficult to leave or come home at night without waking everyone up

•     The constant noise of keys rattling in your pocket while walking/jogging becomes a nightmare

•     Over time, the sharp jagged edges of keys and their friction against your pockets can cause holes in your favorite trousers

•     Keys become a pain to put in and take out of your pockets

•     They’re unappealing to look at, especially sitting next to the car keys of your beautiful ride

key holder - Key Caddy

The Key Caddy conceals the sharp and pointy edges of your keys inside a compact aluminum body, preventing any stray keys from potentially tearing your pockets.

The Swiss Army design keeps your keys firmly in place and can be swiftly folded in or out for use while staying silent – allowing you to enter or leave home at night without waking anybody up.

Not only does the Key Caddy add a dash of class to your keys, it is also a great conversation starter wherever you go that fills you up with pride and excitement through every touch and use.

Car keys can also be attached via a small gap in the top left corner of the key holder. The style of your keys can now match the class of your ride.

The Key Caddy provides its owner with the feeling of owning an elite set of keys to his life.

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